Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday...a bit sad and the wait begins!

Well I did it...I sold my Element. I look at my little table next to my computer where my "baby" sat and I am very sad. What a great machine! The time we spent together just flew by...then came the we don't throw away original boxes (just break them down) I had everything I needed to pack it up. The worst part was disconnecting the dongle from my final (pardon me but I couldn't type for the tears...)

Ok, SO, before I sound too maudlin, the ONLY reason I sold it is because I have been saving my pennies to upgrade to a new machine and ended up choosing....drumroll please....the 13" KNK.

Crowds playing...cutters zipping...

DH loved the idea when I first came to him to tell him I was thinking about selling he has pretty rued the day he gave it to me for Christmas. He said he never thought I would get into "it" as much as I have. He says I'm addicted and will have to go to KNK rehab and I say NO!

I just LOVE playing with it and designing and cutting files...I have even done a number of scrapbook pages which is pretty amazing as I had tried years ago but never really gotten into I'm taking pictures, cutting accents and putting them in a book...who'ld a thought?!

Also, for those who don't know, in addition to my own projects which you see at Cutters Market, I am also on 2 design teams. One for Shirley (my partner in sourdough bread) and another for Jenette (check my favorite links for their blogs). They are both wonderful and talented ladies!

Anyway, before I packed up my "baby" I was able to cut 2 last files for a layout I am working on....I'm worried I will start to have withdrawl symptoms before too long LOL! On the bright side, I have a tracking number with FedEx and the website, which I check pretty much ALL the time, says it should arrive on Friday...I can't wait...the clock is ticking....

DH is threatening not to be home to sign for it....but then that would be very silly of him (HMPHH!)


PS: Free file will be posted most likely on Sunday...I am rethinking free file Fridays to Super Spontaneous any case, I will get something up :)

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Nancy said...

I know how you feel about your KNK, and also your husband. A year and a half ago my kids gave me a small flat screen tv to put in my craft room. My husband looked so paniced and said maybe it could go in our sun room. He knew if I had a tv and a KNK he may have to sit in my craft room to see me. The tv sits in the sunroom and has never been turned on. :O) I think I will have my sun hook it up in my craft room next time he is home.