Friday, May 23, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well, Friday is here and I'm still kicking! My daughter is doing better, just very sore...again, thank you God and thank you Guardian Angel! No dog class due to the Memorial Day holiday, which reminds me, have you seen the file I created? If not, here it is.
I really like it and am thinking about cutting it out of TShirt vinyl and ironing it on to a shirt to wear on Monday when we go downtown for the ceremonies. Of course that's a BIG IF because we still need to go back down to Mom's to help finish cleaning out the basement sometime this weekend. Hopefully, it won't be so bad though because we will have a lot more help.
On another note, I have been pretty busy
designing some new
card fronts and a set
of baby teething keys. I think they came out pretty's a quick peek.

Also, before I close, remember that the "Thanks Card Front" in one my earlier posts will be only available until Sunday for free download. Don't forget to grab it before it's too late!
After that, it will be available with my other files for sale.
I am going to try to get on and post a new file, but if I don't, be patient LOL! I will get it done before too long!
Eddita :)


debenj said...

Behind on reading blogs and am trying to catch up. Glad your daughter is doing better but know it will take a while for her mentally to get over the accident. Also, wanted to thank you for the Thank You card front & know it will come in handy.
Hugs for you all & have a safe Memorial Day Holiday!

debenj said...

Forgot to ask... Are you going to be putting up your wedding file (Doves)for sale? or did I miss it when looking in the Cutters Mart? Love them!

Accents By Eddita said...

Hi Deb,

Yes the wedding file will be up shortly. I really liked the way the doves came out too (but I'm a little biased!)

Check back on the blog and I will advise once it's uploaded and available

Eddita :)