Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OK, so I thought Saturday was a long day...

...I would rather have a week of Saturdays than the Sunday night I had! I received a call saying that my daughter was in a car accident. She had been crossing a road where people drive 60+ miles an hour even though it is a 45 mph zone. According to her she looked both ways a couple of time and when she pulled to go across, she saw at the last second a car flying over the rise and about to crash into her. She was T'Boned on the Driver side, carried down the road a long way and her leg was trapped. The call I received said that they thought she had a broken femur and internal injuries.

They used the jaws of life to extract her and sent her via helicopter to shock trauma an hours drive away. Long story short, her Guardian Angel must have taken some kind of a beating about his wings and body, because other than some scrapes and muscle pains, she is perfectly alright. If you see pictures of her car you wouldn't think anyone could walk away undamaged but she did.

I remember a long time ago I was watching a show on Angels and the lady speaking on the subject said that Angels are always around us but can't intervene unless asked for help. From that day on I say a quick prayer every morning and ask that the angels put their wings around my loved ones and protect them from all harm.
It only takes a prayers were granted....God is good!



debenj said...

Am so sorry to hear about the accident but glad she is ok (am sure she is feeling it but OK). Yes, we do have angels watching over us and it sounds like hers was with her.

Accents By Eddita said...

Thanks Deb! She is much much better...hopefully a little wiser too!